Uterus Location During Pregnancy

When pregnancy occurs the cervix rises up and becomes soft, the opening will remain close. The expanding uterus will then require more room and will achieve the extra space by moving into the abdominal cavity, rising up above the belly button. As the months goes by and specially towards the end of pregnancy, the abdomen will cause sleeping problems to some women, because it it so large, and it may be pushing the bladder, some women may also experience frequent urination.

When delivery time approaches, the baby's head drops into the pelvis, and it will cause more sleeping problems. In a normal pregnancy is typically found that by week 20 the uterus has risen above the belly button, or 20 cm above the pubic bone. In rare instances uterine fibroids during pregnancy may contribute to an unusual uterine position, and causing the baby's position to change as well. By the end of pregnancy week 37 the uterus is to the lower edge of the rib cage.

This complications are rare, and most time present themselves when the fibroids grow too large in the uterine cavity during pregnancy. Other uterine changes during pregnancy are; the amount of vaginal discharge increases, breast also enlarge and during the beginning of the pregnancy hurt, the nipple color and size changes, the woman's heart also increases work loud, and the enlarge uterus makes it difficult for the blood to go back down to the legs.

The woman's pregnant look is due to her enlarged uterus which urges the navel to bulge. An average fetus is about 20 inches long and weighs about seven pounds. The uterine changes during pregnancy are phenomenal, by the time pregnancy time is complete, the uterine full size is 36 cm, the depth is 22 cm, it's width24 cm, weighs 1000 grams, and it's thickness is about 0.5 cm. This is due to the fact that the uterus has to be able to accommodate a seven pound fetus.

Adopting new sleeping postures, and staying off your feet during the last part of your pregnancy may help with back problems and sleeping problems. Once pregnancy has been achieved, the fun of it will come with all the knowledge you will achieve about the physical changes of your body and the growth of your baby and uterus. This part of a pregnancy has been immortalized in every mother's pregnancy journal.