Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Tubes Tied - Why and How to Reverse

It's heartbreaking to learn you have blocked fallopian tubes. I see it from questions on yahoo answers and wikianswers as well as other sites across the web. Other women who have had their tubes tied do so to create blockage on purpose. What these two different groups have in common in this article is the desire to have a child even though they face blocked fallopian tubes.

The first group above have a problem that is usually caused by some disease like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). In fact, PID is the most common cause of blocked fallopian tubes. When the tubes are blocked, the egg cannot make the journey down the tubes to the uterus.

If they are only partially blocked, it is possible the sperm can make it to the egg and fertilize it. In this condition, if the egg cannot make the journey to the uterus, you will have an ectopic pregnancy. If not caught early enough, you will end up losing the fallopian tube or even develop life-threatening conditions.

A previous ectopic pregnancy may even be the cause of your tubal blockage at this point. Other possible conditions that could have caused the blocked*tubes are an uterine infection, abdominal surgery, surgery on your fallopian tubes, a sexually transmitted disease (which can also be the cause of PID), or even endometriosis.

Whatever the cause, blocked fallopian tubes is a diagnosis you will have to get from your doctor. He will confirm it with a special type of x-ray called hysterosalpingogram. You will see it called HSG in many places.

The second group above is made up of women who purposely had their tubes tied. Usually this is because one partner (or both) in the relationship thinks they have enough children.

However, the CDC tells us that about 25% of the women who have had their tubes tied change their minds and wish to have a pregnancy after tubal ligation. That's almost a million women each year who change their minds, usually due to some change in their situation like divorce and remarriage.

So what are these women in both groups to do? While some in the first group might try to find herbal concoctions to help do away with their blockage, if the cause of the blockage left behind scarring, then herbs or natural alternatives most likely won't help. That's when you have to look at two other alternatives for a pregnancy: IVF or tubal reversal.

As there have been several other articles written about these two alternatives, I won't go into the comparison here. It will be necessary for you to read and learn and then make the decision that is best for you. However, you now know that neither "naturally" blocked fallopian tubes nor having your tubes tied on purpose is a reason to not have a child. One of the alternatives will be best for you and your situation.
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